People & Society

Health and Safety

Our commitment to a safe workplace is fundamental to what we do. Preventing harm is critical to a successful and sustainable business.

Our business focuses on: improving the health and safety capability of our people, providing and maintaining safe plant and equipment, promoting behaviours that prevent harm, and improving the health and wellbeing of employees. This is laid out in our Health and Safety Policy.

Our Health and Safety Policy sets out the company commitments and strategies. There are plans in place to improve the health and safety performance in each of the areas identified in our policy. Our programs are audited to ensure we comply with legal requirements and company procedures and standards.

Our safety programs are supported and implemented through active health and safety committees at all major sites. This allows for the input of and consultation with employees in matters that affect the safety of their workplace. For example, we actively involve operational personnel in the identification, assessment and control of hazards and risks in the workplace.

The value of partnerships

We recognise that the greatest results will come from working in partnership with others. 

Community Partnerships

Asahi Beverages is committed to making meaningful contributions to the communities in which we operate. Since 2011 we have partnered with Whitelion – a not-for-profit community organisation that provides support services to highly vulnerable young people who are involved with, or at risk of involvement with, the justice system.

We chose to partner with Whitelion because each organisation shares similar values. We are proud that through our association with Whitelion we have been able to truly make a difference to young people in Australia. We see great merit in providing development opportunities and positive role models to young people, particularly those who have been disadvantaged.

Whitelion programs include community-based prevention programs, role models, mentoring, leadership and employment programs. Our partnership with the organisation enables employees to be involved in these community activities, and we have also mentored at-risk individuals into active employment roles within the company.

Partnering with our customers

Increasingly, our customers are focusing on environmental and sustainability strategies. By proactively working with them, together we can make a positive contribution by working on more substantial sustainability initiatives. 

Some of our recent partnerships include:

  • A promotion with Zoos Victoria to raise funds for the launch of ‘Lion Gorge’ and help fight extinction.
  • Partnering with Philip Island Nature Reserve to raise funds to restore the penguin habitat.
  • Working with KFC, along with their other key suppliers, on a major environmental initiative called Farm to Fork. This is a lifecycle assessment of the environmental impacts across KFC and its suppliers, which aims to better understand the supply chain. 

Partnering with our suppliers

Our partnerships with our suppliers are very important to us. Asahi Beverages engages a diverse range of suppliers and contractors that provide goods and services which are critical to ensuring we can make, sell, market and distribute our products. Working collaboratively enables us to develop new and innovative products in a responsible way.

We are continuously looking at how we can do things better, which includes engaging the right suppliers to suit the needs of our business, while also protecting the communities from which our products are sourced.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Principles for Asahi Group Suppliers

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