Beverages & Health

As a major manufacturer of beverages, including sugar-sweetened beverages, Asahi Beverages is committed to responsibly producing and marketing a range of beverage choices to meet consumers’ varying needs and occasions.

We have a role to play in helping consumers address concerns about sugar consumption. Asahi Beverages is a signatory to the Australian Beverages Council industry pledge to reduce sugar across the non-alcohol beverages industry on average by 20 per cent by 2025. We will achieve this through our own commitments as outlined below.

Asahi Beverages is committed to reducing sugar in its soft drink portfolio

  • By 2025, 90% of our portfolio by volume will contain less than 5g sugar per 100mL
  • We will achieve our aim through introduction of new and innovative no or low sugar variants in the non-alcohol categories in which we play – soft drinks, mixers, sports drinks, iced tea, cordial and water.
  • Future innovation will largely focus on products which have less than 5g sugar per 100mL.

We will always provide a broad, balanced portfolio of beverages to meet the different needs of consumers

Our portfolio will continue to evolve to address changing consumer demands for ‘better-for-you’ beverages. We will do this through:

  • Increasing the range of products available in smaller pack sizes
  • Adding low and no-sugar options to our portfolio
  • Increasing beverage choices with natural colours and ingredients
  • Increasing offers in our water and near-water portfolio
  • Reformulating some of our regular sugar sweetened beverages to contain less sugar.

Responsible Marketing and Advertising

We’re proud of our brands. We manufacture and sell brands and products that cater for many consumer needs and occasions. We encourage responsible consumption of our beverages, and we’re conscious of our responsibility to our consumers.

That’s why, in all our marketing and advertising, we are careful to:

  • Be accurate and truthful
  • Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Be attentive to local, cultural, political and religious sensitivities
  • Support sensible consumption messages
  • Protect children.

We always take into account the level of knowledge, sophistication and maturity of the people we are advertising to.