Beverages & Health

The Asahi Beverages product portfolio includes an extensive range of beverages across many categories. We provide choice and convenience for consumers to satisfy beverage needs for most occasions. This choice manifests as variations in recipe, in pack sizes, in mix and in ensuring a broad portfolio is widely available. 

We acknowledge that consumers are concerned about the foods and beverages they and their families consume. We are currently working to ensure that our organisation addresses the issues of most concern and relevance to us and our customers and consumers.

Balanced Portfolio

Over the years, our portfolio has evolved to address changing consumer trends as demands for ‘better-for-you’ food and beverage choices have increased. There are many ways that we have done this, including:

  • Increasing the range of products available in smaller pack sizes
  • Adding lower-sugar and no-sugar options to our portfolio
  • Increasing beverage choices with natural colours and ingredients
  • Introducing organic and not-from-concentrate juices
  • Increasing offers in our water and near water portfolio.

Responsible Marketing and Advertising

We’re proud of our brands. We manufacture and sell brands and products that cater for many consumer needs and occasions. We encourage responsible consumption of our beverages, and we’re conscious of our responsibility to our consumers.

That’s why, in all our marketing and advertising, we are careful to:

  • Be accurate and truthful
  • Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Be attentive to local, cultural, political and religious sensitivities
  • Support sensible consumption messages
  • Protect children.

We always take into account the level of knowledge, sophistication and maturity of the people we are advertising to.