Cool Ridge

The Cool Ridge range is made from Australian spring water and offers a product and pack size for all hydration occasions:  plain still, flavoured still, plain and flavoured lightly sparkling.

Do good. Feel good.

It’s a simple phrase. But it’s a big step forward for Cool Ridge which has a new proposition – one that’s propelling us to make changes to the brand, and in doing so, to consumer behaviour. 

We want our consumers to feel good by choosing Cool Ridge when they need a water refreshment on-the-go, and don’t have a reusable bottle or delicious fresh water on hand.  That’s why we made a big change. All Cool Ridge Still and Sparkling Water bottles (excluding cap and label) are made from 100% recycled PET (rPET).

Cool Ridge is now also proudly certified carbon neutral by Climate Active. We have taken accountability for the existing carbon footprint of Cool Ridge by measuring its eligible emissions, offsetting them and working to reduce the carbon emitted from the production of our Cool Ridge products.

We have achieved this by calculating eligible Cool Ridge carbon emissions with the help of Climate Active and offsetting them by purchasing carbon credits via South Pole. South Pole invests in Australian and international projects, with a focus on water management, treatment and access as well as fire management projects. 

available in australia